Treaty Education Presentation

Yesterday we had a guest speaker, Claire Kreuger. She came to speak with our class about Treaty Education. It was a very engaging and relevant presentation. She spoke to us about the projects she is working on, as well she gave us as future teachers of Treaty Education many useful strategies and ideas. I especially enjoyed seeing the media projects that she had her students complete. Bringing technology into Treaty Education allowed her students to engage on a deeper level with their projects and use their creativity to bring meaning to their work. I was able to gather many ideas throughout the presentation like Ipad apps and even implementing a weekly email to parents to report on progress and classroom topics. Claire was extremely knowledgeable about the topic and her passion was incredible. Her presentation was most certainly an asset to our Treaty Education learning. 



2 thoughts on “Treaty Education Presentation

  1. Hey! I definitely agree with you in regards to the presentation. It was, without question, a great help and she gave us a good sense of direction on where we should be heading. Not to mention, Claire, herself, was amazing and a great inspiration! Do you think we could use any other types of technology within other classes such as math, or science?

    • To be honest I do not know of any specific types of technology to implement into our Math and Science classes, but there are so many different resources out there that we don’t even know about! The more research you do, the more amazing tools and strategies you find online and through technology. As our students become more and more technologically advanced we too have to keep up as teachers! What do you think is a good ratio of technology implementation in the classroom? When is it too much? Or is that possible?

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