White Box Curriculum

This week’s reading has really hit home with me. Jennifer Tupper and one of our instructors, Michael Capello’s article “Teaching Treaties as (Un)usual Narratives: Disrupting the Curricular Commonsense” is all about breaking down the common sense narrative and curriculum. This article is very clear in its intention and illustrates just how detrimental our curriculum can be to an entire province of children. As I learn more about the common sense curriculum and the mainly white colonial narrative, I realize just how oppressive and one-sided our education program is. What really stood out to me while reading this article is the fact that our students know so little about the major Treaty events that are a huge part of our province and nations development and foundation. When this large amount of students know so little about Treaty Education it becomes ever so prevalent the major flaw of our curriculum. I also never considered how when teachers do cover and incorporate Treaty Education into their lesson plans, it is often given so little priority, effort and time. We cannot pretend to be a province of harmony and equality when so obviously our curriculum favours one race and one narrative. We as teachers cannot fix this problem over night, however, the more educated we become about Treaty Education the more we can make a difference. There is simply no reason for our curriculum to encourage oppression and superiority, and the sooner we make a change and our education system changes, the sooner our province and people become equal and unified.


2 thoughts on “White Box Curriculum

  1. You made some really good points. Have you thought of any ways that you might teach treaty education yourself? Did the guest lecture presentation give you any further ideas based on her experiences?

    • Hi Paige! I’m starting to get some really great ideas for teaching Treaty Education in my classroom. I am especially interested in having an Elder visit my classroom and add even more knowledge to my lessons. Did you get any Treaty Education ideas that really stuck out for you?

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