Chapter 1-Making Classroom Assessment Work


Summary-Assessment is the gathering of information to see if the students are learning, while evaluation is deciding whether or not the student has learned the concept or not, as well as how well they learned it. Assessment has changed over the years and it is now much more effective to involve the students in the assessment process. By incorporating self-assessment and classroom feedback, the assessment and evaluation of students becomes a much more dynamic and co-operative process.

This chapter outlines the fundamentals of successful assessment and evaluation that is student based. While I have had some say in terms of my assessment throughout high school, this was not a major priority of the teachers. I do agree that having students become involved in the learning process and assessment has a positive impact on their learning success. By laying out the ground work of how they will be evaluated, and even creating that evaluation rubric with them, students are able to better understand what it is they are learning and why. Instead of teachers simply delivering the curriculum, instead we are involving them in the process and ensuring that their role as a student is an active one. Thus far in my teaching career I have not been able to explore the different forms of assessment, as I have been more concerned with just ensuring the lesson plan goes well. As I get more comfortable I know that I will need to pay more attention to my assessment and evaluation practices. One thing this chapter reminded me of was the importance of assessment throughout the learning process. Sometimes we forget to check for understanding until the end when it is too late.


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