My Week One Reflection

Week One: Our first day of class was all about introductions and explanations. As many of us are so new to the idea of assessment and evaluations, we have much to learn. This semester is especially short due to our three week internship, so it is very important for us to get as much as we can out of the class. Our teacher’s questions and discussions revealed that while we do know some basic information about assessment and grading, we do not have a lot of knowledge about the technical and philosophical aspect of it. The personal discussions we had during our first class helped me to connect with the content and with my peers. In sharing our own stories of assessment, both positive and negative, it becomes very apparent the impact that assessment and evaluation has on our educational experience. I will use this blog as a platform to share my “Learning Journey” throughout ECS 410 and my pre-internship experience. I am looking forward to gaining a lot of knowledge and experience along with my teacher and classmates as we take one step closer to becoming teachers ourselves. 


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