Week Two: ECS 410

This week we discussed the different forms of assessment. Personally I had very little background knowledge of the different types of assessment. Even though I myself use them on my own work, as well as utilize them as a pre-service teacher, I was unaware of their characteristics and benefits. We learned about summative and formative types of assessment and evaluation. We all discussed our own experiences as students with these different types of assessment, and which ones we encountered the most and the least.

I also found the “for” “as” and “of” of assessment to be interesting and helpful when exploring both formative and summative types of assessment. By looking at it through this lens, it helps me further understand the concept of assessment and its purpose and goals.

I especially enjoyed our discussion of whether a teacher could ever over assess. While this was a controversial topic as some felt a teacher could indeed do so, I feel that we cannot over assess. Assessment is an important part of our teaching process and it helps us see our students’ progress, as well as our own in teaching the content. I do however believe we can over evaluate and make marks more important than learning. This is something we need to avoid.


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