Chapter Five: Evidence of Learning

Summary:Teachers must have varied forms of evidence in order to make strong judgements and evaluations of their students. The three sources of evaluation include observations of learning, the products students create, and student conversations about their learning. To ensure valid and reliable evaluations, incorporate a broad range of evidence throughout the learning process, and provide and utilize clear criteria. 

Assessment and evaluation plays an integral role in our students’ education. We as teacher must pay close attention to the impact that marking and assessment has on a student’s success rate. Because assessment and evaluation are so crucial, how we mark must be carefully crafted and maintained. We must provide our students with a clear goal and objective, as well as provide exemplars for them to work toward. In addition, we must be constantly re-evaluating how we assess and evaluate. As the chapter points out, working with our colleagues and communicating with other people in the professional field can help improve our assessment and evaluation techniques. I think it is so important that this chapter highlight the importance of gathering evidence from a wide array of sources. Too many teachers rely on only formative assessment. It is crucial to be able to back up our marks and evaluations with solid and reliable evidence. If we as teachers are not confident with the mark we give our students, then we need to further reflect on our assessment and evaluation practices. I think it will take many years for me to really grasp assessment and evaluation, but I know in the end that my learning will be ongoing and I will constantly be learning new ways to improve myself as a teacher. By using tools such as the Triangulation of Evidence and turning to our colleagues for support, assessment and evaluation become a much less daunting task. 


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