Week 3 Reflection

This week in ECS 410 we had a special guest speaker join our class. On Thursday, Laurie Gatzke, the Supervisor of Assessment for Regina Public Schools spoke to us about her work. She gave a very informative look at Assessment within the Regina School Division as well as gave important tips and information for us as pre-service teacher. What I found especially effective about her presentation was the personalized touch she put into speaking about assessment and evaluation. Her stories and knowledge from her time as a teacher helped make it easier for me to connect with the content. The assessment we did as a class during the presentation revealed just how intimidating marking can be. Within our table group we had many disagreements about what the sample work should be. Assessment is time consuming and requires great thought. I did however appreciate being able to share, communicate and collaborate with my fellow classmates. During our discussions many arguments that I had not considered were brought up, and in the end I think we were able to better evaluate the work as a team. While I will not always be able to team assess, this was a great way to show a cooperative approach to assessment and evaluation. Lastly, the evaluation diagram and chart that Laurie distributed was a helpful first look at making your own form of assessment and using a visual aid. There are so many different forms of assessment so it is beneficial for us pre-service teachers to be exposed to a wide array of them and build up our teacher repertoire.


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