Week Seven Reflection

This week in ECS 410 we reflected on our case studies assignment. I found this assignment challenging as I have never done case studies before. The most difficult part of the assignment was trying to find research and resources to supplement my responses. It was hard to find where to locate these resources and also find research that pertains to the assessment response and to my English major. I think if we were to do this assignment again that going over ways to find professional resources would be beneficial to our success. I think this would save some frustration and confusion, and would help us improve our arguments as well.

In addition to talking about our case studies, we also participated in some great cooperative learning. We learned some new assessment strategies including Damien Cooper’s Eight Levels of Assessment. We split the two groups of ECS 410 and each group learned a different strategy, then we switched and learned from each other. This is much like the Jigsaw Strategy which is a super strategic way of dividing the course work. I really enjoyed interacting with the other section of the class and getting to teach a new concept to my classmates.We all really enjoyed these assessment resources and found them extremely useful and practical.

This week we are getting ready to embark on our pre-internship journey! This is both exciting and frightening! I have a lot of different concerns and anxieties heading into our first week of pre-internship. What will my co-op teacher be like? What will it be like to teach high school students? How will I get to know my students? How will I assess their knowledge? How will I observe and assess their behavior? I’m looking forward to answering some of these questions and learning a magnitude of things from my co-op teacher. I’m really looking forward to these first two days of observations to gain a deeper understanding of the school, as well as getting to know my students. I’m also very glad that we get to do these interships with a partner as walking into a high school classroom for the first time can be very daunting! I still feel very young to be a teacher to be completely honest, especially when my students are eighteen. It has been a relief though to get to communicate and share my anxieties and fears with classmates, as many of us are all feeling the exact same thing. I’m excited and nervous…. here we go!


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