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This is a sample of my collection of work from my pre-internship!


Survival Unit Major Project
March 31st, 2014

Your task for this assignment is to research and report on a survivor. Remember that there are many different struggles that people survive and many different ways they survive those struggles. Reflect on the different situations of survival that we have discussed throughout the unit, both man-made and natural.
Once you have chosen a survivor, research their survival tale. You will want to find out who they are, where they are from and other basic background information. You will also need to research what they survived and how they survived. Your choice of survivor is important so please choose carefully and find a survivor tale that is meaningful or interesting to you.
Individual research
The focus questions for research are
• Who is the survivor?
• What makes a person a survivor?
• What did they survive?
• What coping tactics (strategies) does/did this survivor use?
• What aspects of the survivor’s personality (traits) helped him/her to cope?

Once you have gathered all your necessary information, you will present this information by:
A) Creating a poster which includes all the necessary information listed above
B) Creating a fake Facebook profile template featuring the survivor and the information above
C) Creating a pamphlet which includes all the information above and why your survivor is the greatest survivor.

*Please cite your resources that you use to research your survivor.

Information /17
Creativity /3
The Survivor Brochure

The brochure is not an in depth study of a topic but it should give enough information to grab and keep the readers interest from start to finish. Choose 2 to 3 key points about the survivor to describe. If there are other important elements, consider listing them in a simple bullet list or chart somewhere in your brochure. In addition to what your brochure says, you must decide the best format to present your information. Different formats work best for brochures with lots of text, lots of pictures, small blocks of text, lists, charts, or maps. You’ll need to find the format that works best for your survivor story.

Be sure to include:
• Use MS Word in Landscape mode, to change to Landscape –> File / Page Setup / Paper Size / Landscape
• Sub titles to break the information into short quick-read sections
• Bullets to highlight important points
• One Textbox containing important information, such as web sites to learn more.
• Graphics


Application – Use of Word features /10
Thinking & Inquiry – Correct format and orientation of brochure /5
Communication – Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Content /5


Brainstorm and list ideas.

This general format will need to be modified for each survivor’s story according to
• the survival ‘problem’ or situation
Survivors of the Titanic
Survivors of the Holocaust (Anne Frank)
Survivors of the War
Survivors featured in any of the stories we read this unit
Local Survivors
Survivors featured in film:
127 Hours- Aron Ralston
Captain Phillips


Sample lesson plan:

Day Two:
Surviving and Conquering Unit
Tuesday March 18th, 2014

Hand out Journals- Names on them
Hand out Name Tents
Today we are continuing to learn about natural disasters that we have to survive.
Journal Writing Prompt
Journals: The students must write prompt responses in them every class hour for an exceptional (5 Points), satisfactory (3 Points), or unsatisfactory (No Points). Journals will be collected on Fridays and returned graded on Mondays. – 20% of unit grade
KTLA St. Patrick’s Day Earthquake- Major 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake in L.A.

What scary situation/ natural or man-made have you survived? What was it? Why was it scary? What did you do to survive? If not do you know anyone who has survived a scary situation?
Snow storms, flooding, hail storms, thunder storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, power outage, getting lost/stranded

Watch the Man vs Wild clip
Watch once
Watch again and this time tell students to look for obstacles they have to overcome and survive
Who survives?
What all do they survive? Evidence
How do they survive and conquer? Evidence

Lost at Sea-Scenario Situations
Explain the task to students-
Read story aloud to students (Have copies?)( Put on board?)
Explain unknown terms
Hand out ranking sheet to each student
Allow students ten minutes to complete ranking and then put them in their groups to discuss their ranks
Have each group discuss and come up with a group ranking
Have groups share their rankings with the class
Read the U.S. Navy Rankings
Ask students how they did.
Remind students to bring markers/crayons if want for tomorrows class
Outcomes and Indicators:
Outcome: CR9.1b
View, listen to, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of texts that address identity (e.g., Exploring Loyalty, Love, and Relationships), social responsibility (e.g., Equal Opportunity), and efficacy (e.g., Surviving and Conquering).

a. View, listen to, read, and respond to a variety of visual, oral, print and multimedia (including digital) texts that address the grade-level themes and issues related to identity, social responsibility, and efficacy including those that reflect diverse personal identities, worldviews, and backgrounds (e.g., appearance, culture, socio-economic status, ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, career pathway).
b. View, listen to, and read a variety of texts related to the theme or topic of study and show comprehension and demonstrate response by:
understanding the ideas:Effectively summarize and explain the ideas in texts; cite details that support the main ideas; make logical inferences; interpret obvious themes or author’s message logically.

Assessment: Formative assessment to check for general understanding of survival and pre-requisite knowledge

The rankings will not be marked


Extra Time: Survival Posters


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